Exploring Monteverde Cloud Forest

After spending a couple of days at Arenal, La Fortuna we made our way to the picture-famous Hanging Bridges located within the Monteverde Cloud Forest. Located only 25-30 km south-west from the hot and dry Arenal area Monteverde amazes with its contrasting lush, green forests and tropical plants. We stayed for 3 nights/2 days which was a good amount for us but you could easily stay a couple of days longer too. Continue reading “Exploring Monteverde Cloud Forest”

Diary: Sport fishing in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

A sport-fishing cum snorkelling trip is one of the more unlikely activities we found ourselves doing in Costa Rica, but boy was it worth it!! Cue giant fish, leaping dolphins, leaping turtles, breathtaking views, and some fisherwoman’s luck.

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Our 2 week Costa Rica itinerary in rainy season

Since last year’s trip to Indonesia we’d been super keen to get somewhere a little further afield and Costa Rica seemed like the perfect place combining luscious tropical forests with rugged volcanic landscapes and two large coastlines. Top this all off with a reputation for eco-tourism and an abundance of wildlife to gawk at and we’d booked our flights. Below you’ll find our 2 week itinerary during the rainy season (June) plus an optional diversion.

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